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Helping with .eu domains

Helping you with .eu Domains!

We aim to supply you with a choice of quality .eu domains to buy. See our lists of .eu domains for sale from the menu above.

Why .eu and not .com

.com domains are very expensive to aquire, many x10 the cost of an .eu domain and often web users consider these to be USA organizations and not relevant to meet their needs.

Why 2 & 3 letter domains?

Because 2 and 3 letter and short number domains are rare, unique, memorable and perphaps more important they are not language specific and when appealing to a wide audience this could be a major factor in acceptance of your website. Domains consisting of numbers also offer many of those benefits.

.eu domains

More information..

The main registrar for .eu domains is and they provide the infastructure for the 3 million plus .eu domains registered including IDN domains, it was started in April 2006 and is a growing force in the domain industry.

Of course it is cheaper to register a new .eu domain than buy one, if you can find a quality name which has not been taken.

You or the organization must be a resident of the EU to own an .eu domain.